About Us

Ford Farms/Cyderworks is a family owned and operated venture. Rich and Kristin Ford own and operate a total of 150 acres on Sauvie Island, Oregon, where they raise the fruit, press and bottle Cyderworks Sparkling Cider.Sauvie Island, which is 20 minutes northwest of Portland, Oregon is bounded by the Columbia and Willamette Rivers. The Island is 15 miles long, 4 1/2 miles wide, and has a population of less than 1000 people.

Like wine, the best cider comes from the finest fruit, which are grown in the climates and soils that are conducive to apple production. Sauvie Island is the result of thousands of years of alluvial deposits brought by the rivers, and the soil is deep and very fertile.

The latitude and proximity to a sea are very similar to Normandy, France, which is the heart of the French cidermaking country. Our dry autumns, wet winters and springs are perfect for growing apples without chemical pesticides, herbicides, or insecticides.

Ford Farms also own a herd of Highland cattle, and produce and sell natural beef.Learn about Ford Farms Highland Cattle.Learn about our Cidermaking process.