2 Jan

How to Make a Gin Cocktail with Lemon

Gin is a spirit alcohol whose main flavor is derived from the use of juniper berries during its fermenting or distillation process.  The origin of gin is unclear, but it has been concluded that the earliest form of gin started within the middle ages.  Over the millennium, gin has evolved from a herbal medicine into a commercially-traded spirit industry.

There are many brands and variants of gin.  However, what remains true however is that all gin is flavored by juniper berries.  This is mainly the predominant flavor of all gin.  Gin has come a long way since its days as herbal medicine.  These days, it is one of the highly used ingredients in making cocktails.  One new cocktail that uses gin is the lemon polo.

People are actually going to absolutely love the lemon polo.  People who love gin will love it and those who are just getting into gin will love it as well.  The cocktail has an essence of sour and sweetness that blends very well together and this is how you make the best gin in the world!

The ingredients for making lemon polo are:

1 oz. Polo Club American Dry Gin
1 oz. Lemon Juice, either freshly squeezed or from a bottle.
1 oz. honey syrup (one part honey and one part water)

To make the lemon polo cocktail drink, place some ice into your shaker glass.  Get a measuring cup and measure 2 ounces of Polo Club gin and place it into the shaker.  Squeeze out an ounce of fresh lemon juice into the shaker or measure 1 ounce of bottled lemon juice and pour it into the shaker. Then measure an ounce of honey syrup and then pour it into the shaker.

Place the lid of the shaker and shake it vigorously about 8-10 times.  The purpose of shaking is to cool the contents down but not long enough for it to get diluted.  Once the content has been shaken, remove the lid and strain the contents into a glass.  Now, sit back, relax, and enjoy your Lemon Polo Cocktail drink.

Lemon polo gin is actually a new type of craft distilled gin.  There is more to it than just dumping in botanical ingredients into the distillation process.  The end result is a blend that has a different aroma and taste in the gin.  This is actually one of the perfect drinks as the touch of citrus, liquorish, and juniper berries makes this new drink absolutely delectable.

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